Our Trainers

We practise what we teach: SciConnect’s trainers and consultants are experienced science communication professionals, who work day-to-day in the areas covered by our courses. Our principal trainers also have experience as research scientists.

Principal trainers

Dr Claire Ainsworth: Freelance journalist and science writer. Former Senior Reporter & News Features Editor at Nature; previously a reporter and features editor at New Scientist magazine. Claire's awards as a science writer include an Association of British Science Writers Award for 2003 and a Medical Journalists' Association award in 2001. Claire has a doctorate in developmental genetics from Oxford University.

Dr Jon Copley: Associate Professor in Ocean Exploration & Public Engagement (part-time) at the University of Southampton, where he has received awards for teaching and postgraduate skills training. His programme of public engagement with his research, which includes frequent work with the media, public talks, and online engagement, resulted in a 4-star REF 'Impact Case Study'. His awards as a science communicator include the Biosciences Federation Science Communication Award for Established Researchers, and he was also previously a Reporter and Assistant News Editor at New Scientist magazine.

In addition to these principal trainers, we also engage other expert tutors from specific areas depending on the requirements of clients. These specialists include other science journalists from broadcast media (e.g. television, radio, and online), print (national newspapers), and school teachers. Contact us to find out more.

Why Bother?

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