Our emphasis is on practical teaching, combining key principles with hands-on exercises to develop participants’ skills.

Areas in which we offer training include:

  • Popular science writing: 'short-form', 'long-form', & online
  • Media skills: understanding how research hits the headlines
  • TV & radio interview skills for scientists
  • Presenting compelling public talks about your research
  • Using online media for effective public engagement with research
  • Achieving 'impact' through public engagement with research

Our clients include universities and institutes, research funders, and government agencies; examples of courses that we have recently provided include: Royal Society 'Writing about your research', and University of Sheffield NERC ACCE DTP 'Media training'.

As an example of tailoring training to a client's needs, we co-developed a 'Women in science and the media' course to provide communication training specifically for early career female researchers - and here's a round-up of how it went.

For examples of feedback comments from course participants, please see 'Why us?', and if you would like to discuss your training requirements, please contact us directly.

Our Trainers

Our trainers work day-to-day in the areas they teach. About our trainers.